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Vice President & General Counsel

Jennifer is a highly educated engineer, consultant, and veteran from BigLaw. She is passionate about empowering sustainable businesses to succeed through resourcing capital and “rolling up her sleeves”. As an experienced entrepreneur and attorney with a background in engineering and project management, she provides a well rounded perspective as an investor, business consultant, regulatory strategist, and corporate creator. 

Jennifer has worked with numerous energy and environmental technologists, start-ups and small businesses through her practice at J. Rohleder Law, PLLC and her involvement with the Cleantech Open. She is instrumental in developing renewable energy projects, commercial contracts, transactional matters, environmental matters, and navigating complex regulatory law matters.

Connect with Jennifer:
phone/fax: 703.570.4110 ext 708



Chairman and CEO

​​​Gore is a seasoned entrepreneur. His passion for engineering over the years has evolved into engineering great operations and companies and -- most importantly -- teams. He has experience in all forms of business ownership structure and all ranges of finance. From a bootstrap startup, to a well-capitalized Fortune 500 company, his business experience is deep and broad.

Gore  seeks investment opportunities that will change the world. If you watch television programs like Undercover Boss, Shark Tank, The Profit, Bar Rescue, and The Apprentice, you should understand his emphasis. We have experience in turning companies around and assisting in boosting their revenue.

What will we do as your Partner? We know what it’s like to start, run and exit a company. As an entrepreneur, you want people to jump on board with a sense of purpose and mission. You want everyone to have the same passion burning in their belly as you do. Unfortunately they don’t. — That’s exactly where we come in. As fellow entrepreneurs, w know what it takes to succeed, and more importantly, how to deal with failure and turn around. If you want partners that will write checks and roll up their sleeves, then we should talk.

Connect with Gore:
phone/fax: 703.570.4110 ext 701

cell: 240.416.4677

Christine Hartmann,


Vice President, Treasurer

Christy is a career environmentalist, licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Project Management Professional who brings over 20 years of program development to the daGROUP. Her hands on experience spans a variety of industries, across government agencies and private clients, including water, stormwater, wastewater, energy, rail, airports, unmanned space flight, genetically modified organisms, hazardous materials, regulatory consulting and compliance, and due diligence for mergers and acquisitions. Her program experience is diverse, having supported multiple government agencies and private clients in the development, implementation, auditing, and updating of their environmental programs. 

Christy has managed and authored National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) for controversial nationwide programs and projects, the results of which were used to guide the federal government and project proponents through the decision making process and to lessen impacts to the human environment. She excels at conducting comprehensive audits, gap analyses and identification of possible solutions for improvement, with a fondness for the environmental space. Her favorite part of entrepreneurship is the team environment, collaborating and providing guidance as the work unfolds and new challenges arise; deploying solutions that provide immediate results.

Connect with Christy:
phone/fax: 703.570.4110 ext 703