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Upon the completion of an “In-Business” engagement, we offer our clients a cost-effective, extended advisory program so that our clients can continue to take advantage of our expertise. MORE...

​Owning, managing, growing, and exiting a business are all unique milestones that very few business owners or senior executives experience. Much like being married or being a parent, no one can quite relate to these unique aspects of business unless you have "been there and done that."

daGROUP is a venture capital and holding company created by experienced business owners, real life founders and C-level executives, individuals who have experienced a wide variety of challenges associated with these unique business milestones. We share a practical approach that is not founded on business theories, but rooted in real-life, hands-on experience.

daGROUP was created to share the wealth of knowledge gained by its principals, to make a positive financial impact on the bottom line of companies and the human beings that run them.

Venture capital FOR MAIN STREET 

For most companies, book-keeping is an area of their business that is deficient in so many aspects for so many reasons and is a “necessary evil”, MORE...

A critical aspect of a company’s ability to thrive is to level set its current performance against its own internal financial models/budgets or relevant industry financial benchmarks. MORE...

We are entrepreneurs at heart and enjoy opportunities to assess various types of investments. One result of our client engagements might highlight a need for outside investment or  MORE...

As a follow-up to our assessment, we always provide our clients with a customized proposal to have our team work in the business, side by side MORE...

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