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Upon the completion of an “In-Business” engagement, we offer our clients a cost-effective, extended advisory program so that our clients can continue to take advantage of our expertise.

The purpose of this program is to keep the great momentum built up during our client engagements and features aspects such as:


TWICE MONTHLY ON-SITE: Up to (2) half day sessions per month to review and discuss continued progress on items that were part of our “In-Business” engagement. We will also be engaged in the assessment of any new challenges that arise in the business going forward.

FINANCIAL REVIEW: Monthly financial review to track progress against financial budgets/benchmarks.

KEY MEETING PARTICIPATION: Optional for clients to elect to have our team participate in key internal, vendor, or client meetings.
ON-CALL FEATURE: “Just-In-Time” support for when clients need immediate answers to issues that may arise inside the business.

The long-term effect of this program is to instill lasting effects of the routines and rituals that are found in today’s successful organizations and to continue fostering the support we are committed to providing clients.


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