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  • FINANCIAL: Our first indication of the financial health of an organization is to analyze the structure of the financial statements to determine whether or not they are accurately tailored to the operations of the business. Are the statements providing the correct insight into gross margins or overhead? What does cash-flow look like taking into account cash on hand, receivables, and payables? What is the financial sense of urgency around cash-flow (months, weeks, or days?)
  • OPERATIONS: What is the operational model of the business and does it map to the financial statements of the company? Are employees clear on the business model and what is most important for the business to achieve its objectives? Are departments aligned and is the design of the organization providing maximum efficiency?
  • LEADERSHIP: A consistent theme among businesses is that a business owner or CEO is very proficient at a certain aspect of the business, but he or she is not usually as proficient in building a company and/or charting the future of the business. Some business leaders have simply exhausted all personal efforts to address the important areas of their business and need a fresh perspective. Are the key stakeholders in the business the right folks to take the company into the future?

In most cases, our team has the ability to pinpoint issues facing a business in as little as a few days. Our hands-on experience and instincts as business owners in our own right afford us the ability to quickly highlight and assess the most critical aspects of business. Because we are always mindful of the financial health of our clients, pricing for this service is always customized to map to the company’s financial health and our projected scope of the assessment. Our deliverable for this service includes a written analysis and sets the stage of our ability to customize a plan for an In-Business Engagement.


A critical aspect of a company’s ability to thrive is to level-set its current performance against its own internal financial models or relevant industry financial benchmarks. The language of financial stability or vitality transcends all industry verticals, market segments, and business models, which is why it is so important to calibrate how a company is performing from a very basic financial perspective. All of our client engagements begin with a customized assessment of the business including, but not limited to, areas such as:​​